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Q: What influences your work?

A: My major influences come from artists like Alphonse Mucha and Tamara Lempicka. When Im about to work on a painting I usually flip through a few fashion magazines or art books to get inspired. Calligraphy and Script are huge inspirations as well. Anything from Art Deco architecture to Arabic writing. People like Chaz really amaze me.

Q: As far as doing art shows, what are some of the ups and downs you have had when participating in any of them?

A: Thats a pretty tricky subject. I'd love to support my self and family one day off of my fine art. But Im not insane either. Most of the artists I admire didn't reach their peak until they were well past their prime in life. I think thats why I started to do web design. It was a way for me to avoid a desk job with out feeling like I have to compromise my ideals. Im young and still have a ways to go before Im really comfortable with my technique and skill level but I definitely wont knock people going out and getting theirs. The occasional show is good enough for me. No real downs to speak of.

Q: How much of the computer plays a part in your creativity?

A: You mean as far as Illustrator and Vector images? I have a lot of respect for graphic artists but its never been something I've been interested in or especially good at for that matter. Its just not my thing. Im a hands on kind of artist.

Q: The Internet's role in the graff world...whats you views on it?

A: I don't have metal on my site. But Im not going to judge people who do. To each their own. Opinions are like assholes and their are a lot of assholes out there.

Everybody is different. While I love seeing peoples work online Im not going to pretend I know where they are coming from unless I've kicked it with them and discovered what they are about.

Some of my favorite writers don't get the fame they deserve but are down ass mother fuckers. Guys who are 35, have a mess of kids and are still down to hit the yard after smoking 3 blunts. Maybe that dude in Nepal has never seen their shit on Pure Graffiti but they are definitely doing the damn thing.

Q: Travel wise, where has graff taken you to paint and where are you favorite spots to visit for doing so?

A: Last year was awesome. I was able to visit Belgium, France, New York, Denver, Minneapolis and Texas. I try and make it out to Los Angeles as much as possible. For now though Id have to say my two favorite places I've painted this year are Denver and New York. Loved the people I met and the times I had.

Q: Last of the inquisition, what is the best thing that you have gotten out of being an artist?

A: Patience and commitment for sure.

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