Spotlight | Rest In Peace Phrite (written by Sinek)

Ok, where do I begin.....Roy was an amazing cat from the moment I met him. The kid had what I like to call a certain kind of magic about him. I mean I can sit here and try to describe Phrite for hours, and you still wouldn't be able to grasp his whole personality. You just had to know him to realize what I mean....When we were kids just starting out and up until the day he passed, we used to teach each other everything we knew.

He was a real humble cat and was always like, "I'm no good. I need to get my own style." Ha! Ha! Kid you did have your own style, and I'm very proud to say that I was there to start you off. The last conversation I had with him while I was on the road, begin the Sinek that I am, was the best. He said to me, "Sinek I'm going to sound like a real pussy." I was like, "What? Say it!" He was like, "I'm going to sound like a real bitch." I replied, "Say it damn it!" He said, "Sinek I fukin' miss you dawg!" That night my best friend, my brother's life was taken because of ignorance. Guilt held him in his arms while he lay there waiting for an ambulance.

I'm so glad Roy was with one of the closest people in his life to comfort him on his way to heaven. All Guilt said was that Phrite had his little smirk while he held him. If you knew Roy you'd know what smirk he was talking about. Phrite, Guilt and I weren't just about graffiti. Fuck that! It was a much closer bond than that.

They are my family, my blood, my brothers. After the funeral Guilt and I were in Phrite's room looking at his flick book. It brought a tear to my eye because in the back of the book he had written "The Three Amigos". Well, Roy, the three amigos por vida hermano...

R.I.P Rogelio "PHRITE" Garcia 1982-2006 WA-FACT