Spotlight | Deas

A: When it comes to Graff... I think I am fucking bipolar. One day I just wake up and wanna crush spots and I'll wake up the following week with nothing but freights on the mind. The steel has earned a new high ranking place in my heart. I think thats that main shit for me these days. Although I can't resist that nicely buffed freeway shot.

Q: What's the best thing that has happened to you because of graff?

A: Best thing thats happened to me would have to be the large amount of aquaintences and friends I've made. If it wasn't for Graff, I'd never have met these peeps much less become friends. I am pretty sure of that. Graff has also boosted my confidence level which has always been damn near close to none. It helped me realize that I am not the worst at this Graff shit.

Q: What's the worst, I guess we know what the obvious answer might be?

A: The worst part is it BEING ILLEGAL. Damn that sucks. But then again, If it were legal I dont think I'd like it. Getting rolled sucks. Another big thing that sucks is all the hypocrisy. Its the only sport where we play a game of no rules... yet chalked full of so many god damn rules. It's a sport based on ego.

Q: Have you traveled to paint ever?

A: I don't travel nearly as much as I'd like but being a family man makes it extremely difficult. Funny part is, Only times I traveled... It's to paint. Been to Cleveland, Cincinnati, Mexico, Arizona, and a couple other small places. Ohio is real nice. But then again... it may just be the people I associate with. Good people.

Q: Being that you live in L.A., what is the overall painting atmosphere like?

A: Soooooo many fucking toys its insane. The youth crowd out here seriously can give two shits about the history of this game. There is also so much talent. Due to the large overwhelming amount of writers in L.A., Any and Every scheme you can possibly imagine... has been burnt! Shits hot as hell out here with the law. There is close to no real land mark spots available nwo with the amount of side busters as well.

Q: Here is a good question for you...Internet graffiti forums, good or bad? How do you view these threads that allow everyone to go buck wild for the world the see?

A: Damn good one. Here we go. As I've begun to meet many a writers quite notorious... Every single one of them fronts like they NEVER EVER EVER go online to peep graff. "Oh yeah dog, I just check my email and this and that.".... I'm gonna break it to the world like this. They are almost all FULL OF SHIT. I myself would be full of shit to say I don't enjoy a good amount of time wasted viewing the content I otherwise would never have been able to see in person. I think it also breeds the new form of BITERS and TOYS whom paint nothing but one backyard and yet they seem to the net world as if they are all city. BULLSHIT again. Its cool to look at... but that shit aint real.

Q: Last words, shout outs, death threats, etc?

A: One thing I have had to learn recently as I feel the age creeping upon me... These kids are our future. Theres already so much hatred within the game amongst our peers so there is no need to blast them with hate. Hate only breeds hate. The kids need to be tought the right path becuase no one else is gonna do that shit and they sure as hell aren't going to do it themselves. Oh yeah... and if they don't listen... Cap their toy shit and kick their ass.


Well, having said all that...Thanks for nothing...just playing! Good looking out homeskillet, the check is in the mail! (Don't hold ya breath)