Spotlight | Colt 45

Everybody wants to be on the winning team and membership in either of those crews automatically makes you a somebody, so its natural for people to want to affiliate with us, and if we feel they have something to contribute then we want them with us. We also aren't as arrogant and exclusive as a lot of the other top crews out there. We know who's on the "varsity team" and who's not. So we'll let people in and if they don't perform or they aren't close personal friends with us then we'll kick them out. Some crews make their own personal friends wait years to get in and by the time they get in they're not even that active anymore. We want to get people in their prime.

So what in the hell made you decide that you wanted to be a writer and when?

Really I grew up with it as a part of the environment I lived in. My pops used to flick pieces when he saw them around town and he would take me with him when I was real young, but I didn't really understand it or know anything about it. As you get older you hang out with other kids and their older siblings and you get socialized into that way of life. When all your friends write and are in gangs and all their older brothers write graffiti and are in gangs, then you end up being a writer and a gangbanger. I was friends with people from both of the major gangs in my neighborhood and although they weren't at war, they didn't like each other so I never officially got jumped in to one or the other because I didn't want to be banned from the other side.

Also around that time my parents moved away from where I grew up because I was getting involved in gangbanging and tagbanging and getting in all kinds of serious trouble. So even though I had a car, when I came down to the neighborhood I would kick it with my writer homeys cause we would go out with girls and party in different parts of the city and go tagging and shit like that. Another thing was the girls I liked were into graffiti so I wanted to write graffiti to attract their attention. Those girls and many more since are long gone but my love for graffiti stayed strong.

Q: Who or what are some of your influences as far as graff and life in general?

A: My friends are my biggest influences, both in life and in graffiti. We regulate each other's behavior and feed off each other's influence. We motivate each other and criticize each other. We push certain styles in certain contexts. We write together and we fight together. We share our lives with each other. I think the strength of our crews is due mostly to the strong bonds of friendship that tie us all together.

Q: Whats the best thing thats happened to you because of graff?

A: I've made a lot of friends in a lot of places.

Q: Obviously you've been around for quite a minute, i'm sure you have one of many ill chase stories to share...?

A: I dunno. I get chased all the time. There's nothing particularly special about any of them in particular. I guess I'll share one from a freeway mural. There's all these shitty murals on the freeways in LA and they're mostly covered in graffiti, so we would paint them after the toys had fucked them up by going over the toys. So this one night me and my boy were painting a mural on the freeway and a cruiser pulled right up on us trying to run us over. I bolted across the lanes of traffic to the other side, but I had to dodge cars to do it so the cops didn't want to chase me and risk getting hit. So they went for my boy and one of them actually got a hand on him as he was hopping the fence and he threw himself over and the cop lost grip.

When he landed on the other side the cop drew his gun and yelled to stop or he'd shoot, but that fool just turned and broke and the five didn't bust. Meanwhile I had gone over the fence on the other side of the freeway and since it was in the neighborhood I grew up in, I cut through alleys and backyards to one of my homeboys' houses and woke him up and we drove around looking for my boy until we found him hiding in an apartment complex near there. Sometimes I go back to fix my spots but I had a feeling the highway patrol were waiting for me to come back so I let it ride half done until some toy went over it months later.

Q: Americans are going nutty over the whole Euro paint invasion, the prices for which exceed the cost for Rusto at the Depot but its not stopping sales of the European paint at all. Any comments on this?

A: Shit who's paying for paint? Not me. Hahahaha. No but really. I actually prefer rusto for most colors. I have a stack of euro paint in my pad that I never touch because I always use the rusto. I pick my paints color by color. You have to know what brand has the best paint for a certain color or shade and most of them are rusto or rusto-owned brands.

Now theres some colors that rusto doesn't make so you gotta get a euro paint to fill the gap, or the euro is brighter for that color shade or whatever. I'll buy some euro shit for a couple colors. But those are usually colors for designs. I think its pretty gay to actually fill your shit in with euro paint. I mean if they were sponsoring me or some shit and I got it for free then maybe I would use it more often, but I don't need it. Also I pay close attention to how different colors and brands of paint hold up over time, and a lot of them euro shits fade off pretty quick. Really for the most part you can see in my shit I don't use a lot of euro paint. Maybe one or two colors in a piece at most, but usually none at all. There used to be a hustle for it so I used to use it more, but greedy and amateur morons completely burned the spot. And you know what? When I see my old trains come back from that time when I was hustling the euro shit, them shits are faded pretty bad.

Now a days it seems as though graff and urban culture as a whole is being exploited to the max in order to make a profit, seems as though we are living in the "You got Served" era of things.... whats your opinion on this?

I think its bullshit. It's like everyone completely forgot what it means to be a SELL OUT. Back in the day you would lose status in the game for selling out, now you gain status for selling out. It's like people think it's respectable when someone does something and gets paid for it. I think its bitch made. You want money? Get a fucking job and go to school like the rest of us, or sell drugs or some shit. Don't go prostituting yourself or our culture to make a living.

People are cooperating way to much with big business interests that don't give a fuck about any of us and pay peanuts compared to what they're making off us. Fools think they're fresh selling some art in a gallery or advertising some shitty product or making some stupid toy or designing a pair of shoes or coming out in a video game. Yeah it's cool for a minute when you see graff in your favorite video game. Then you think about it and you're like, this nigga is more up in an imaginary video game world than he ever was in real life. Sorry, but I ain't impressed. I want you to know my name cause you seen that shit for yourself in real life at many times and in many places.

All you suckers can have the cheap fame. I mean I been offered a lot of opportunities to sell out too, but I either flaked out or outright said no. If you seen my name in some mass media shit, someone else put it there. I mean I ain't trippin if someone takes my shit and puts it in something. I don't care. My shit is in the public and anyone can appropriate it. You can't go and sue someone for using your name when you're a wanted criminal. That's the nature of what we do. But you won't catch me licking stamps or cashing checks on my good name. You can take that to the bank.

Q: The whole MYSPACE world.....what the &#$@! You for it or no?

A: Man the whole internet shit is way out of control. All these kids are mad amateur. There is way too much divulging of prosecutable information going on. I mean trying to keep in touch with friends and meeting girls on the internet is pretty normal in this day and age. But is it really necessary to post pictures of your graffiti or your face on the internet for anyone and everyone to see?

You gotta be fucking retarded to do that shit. Don't you realize the cops can get a warrant and trace that shit right to your front door? And even if they can't trace it cause you're so fuckin sly, why even give them that shit to use against you if you ever do get caught? It's like yo, dumbass, you ain't got no other redeeming values as a person but your graffiti? That's the only reason anyone would want to talk to you? You're a fucking loser. Get a life ya fuckin degenerate. And then there's people on graffiti websites talking about everything under the sun and posting mad pictures cause they aren't getting enough attention in real life to feed their egos. Oh look what I did. Oh look what my friend did. Oh this guy was here and he did this and he went there and he did that. It's like a roadmap for the cops to track all of us.

Get some fucking self-esteem. Everybody needs to just shut the fuck up. Do me a favor and don't even say where I was and what I did, because the only people who don't already know are the cops. If you're up in real life then people will notice. Nobody needs to talk about it on the internet. There's no reason to be having conversations on public forums you could be having in private. People need to learn to keep their game tight.

Q: Well man thanks a grip for going along with the email interrogation, we will be sure to send you out some food stamps and a W04' window sticker.

A: Man I hate that guy.

Q: Any shout outs?

A: For our homey Over TKO Rest In Peace, who was murdered before he could live up to his potential; our homey Brock77 TKO, doing a 12 year bid on some dumb shit; and our boy Asco TKO fighting a capitol murder case. Too bad none of them will get to see this.

Good looking out CFIZZLE!