Spotlight | Clown

Q: How do you feel about graff related art shows?

A: Good times, until some idiot with a 40 gets belligerent and starts a fight because his life is so pathetic.

You ever go to an art show and some dude won't stop staring at you with the "loser glare". This guy is surrounded by women and he's focused on me, face it buddy you're gay. Maybe you should hurry up and get thrown back in prison so you can be in a relationship again. hhheeeyyyyooo!

Q: Travel time...have you put in any outta state work?

A: I have bombed in every state except Hawaii, I lived in Thailand, Seattle, and Alaska. I also went on tour in Europe.

Of course graffiti is like Hollywood no matter how much you do , the second you become stagnant they will throw you to the wolves all while laughing and eating two tacos from jack in the box for a dollar.

Q: Explain the impact that graffiti has had on your life.

A: Without graffiti I would be selling crystal meth out of car..home..lab in Turlock California next to a park with children playing duck duck goose.

Q: Do you have any rituals that you go through before or after painting something?

A: I always start with a cup of coffee and end it with a beer.

Q: It's not uncommon to get approached by strange ass people while painting. What's the weirdest thing that you've experienced while painting? I.E., crack heads crip walking on dog dookie for $1.

A: Well the time Allysa Milano cart wheeled past me simultaneously juggling ninja kind of stands out.

Q: List some wack trends that you wish would go away.

A: How about hip hop, or at least all of the dweebs that assume if you write then you must love hip hop. I love too short but i think he fucked up on that "get in where you fit in" thing. Be yourself, put your hat on straight and give your tribal shirts to goodwill.

Q: What's your thoughts on how much graffiti has crossed over into mainstream society?

A: Who cares , mainstream society can suck it.

Q: One last question...Jerry Curl or the Mullet, which would you choose if those were your only choices?

A: I would go with the power mullet, pretty much a no brainer.

Thanks a million for putting up with the interrogation! Got any comrades you want to shout out..

Oh why not, all of my dorkbots in T.I.T.S and CBS. My special lady friend Meg..... WAI, KOG, NR, UTI, RF, PDB, PIGS, LORDS, and always Allysa Milano for showing me that thumb wrestling technique... 60% of the time it works everytime.